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Effortless AI Marketing Tools

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Our effortless AI marketing tools ensure that your clients never forget you. With the click of a button, send personalized birthday wishes, promotional offers, and so much more.  

Customer Loyalty Program

Our smart loyalty program rewards customers for their repeat business and loyalty, while giving you data to tailor your marketing and product offerings to meet their needs.

Branded Mobile App

Help customers stay connected with your businesses with a branded mobile app that lets them easily schedule appointments, track rewards, and use coupons.

Simplified Commissions and Payroll

Leo Salon Software Report

Our platform offers a unique feature that allows you to assign custom commissions to each service, making it easier than ever to document employee salaries & receipts.

Easy Scheduling

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Say goodbye to the hassle of managing appointments across multiple locations. Our intuitive scheduling system helps you book appointments with ease and avoid confusion or double bookings.

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