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What do barber shops do with hair?


Have you ever wondered about the fate of your hair clippings after a visit to the barber shop? The journey of those locks doesn’t end with the haircut. In the United States, barber shops have a unique way of dealing with hair that goes beyond just sweeping it off the floor. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of what barber shops do with hair and how it can make a difference.

Understanding Hair Disposal

When you sit in the barber’s chair, you might not realize that your hair clippings have a destination after they fall to the ground. Barber shops in the US often collect these clippings in a specific manner. Instead of throwing them away as waste, many barber shops participate in eco-friendly practices by recycling the hair for various purposes.

The Recycling Process

Ever thought about the versatility of hair beyond just being a style statement? In the US, barber shops collaborate with organizations that collect hair clippings to repurpose them. These clippings are gathered to create products like hair booms used in oil spill cleanups, compost for gardens, and even materials for crafting art pieces.

Environmental Impact

The recycling of hair from barber shops contributes positively to the environment. By diverting hair waste from landfills, these establishments reduce their ecological footprint. The repurposed hair aids in various sustainability efforts, showcasing the innovative ways in which a seemingly simple material can be valuable.



Next time you step out of a barber shop with a fresh haircut, remember that your trimmed locks might be on a transformative journey. From aiding environmental causes to supporting innovative initiatives, the humble act of getting a haircut can have a broader impact. So, the next time you ponder over what barber shops do with hair, know that it’s not just about grooming but also about contributing to a greener world.

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